Kefeta: Elevating Ethiopian Youth

Ethiopian youth at an End Gender Based Violence event

In an exciting and unprecedented partnership with USAID, Amref has created the Kefeta (“to elevate” in Amharic) program. Through Kefeta, we will be working hand-in-hand over the next five years with two million of Ethiopia’s youth to amplify their voices and their role in community development in order to address the growing unemployment gap across the country that youth face.

The Kefeta program will provide life-changing opportunities by connecting youth to services that meet their unique needs. Working in partnership, youths will be the co-creators, implementers, decision-makers, and leaders of the program, not just program recipients. By building the capacity of young people and youth-serving organizations, we can expand opportunities for millions across the country – transforming their futures and the future of Ethiopia.

Buy a brick. Change a life. Leave a legacy!

About Ethiopia’s Youth:

Nearly 67% of the country’s urban population is under 29, and 40% of the country as a whole is under 15!

Investing in youth development is a powerful way to restore hope and ignite change for this generation.

How you can help: Donate to the Youth Empowerment Fund

Our Youth Empowerment Fund (YEF) drives youth leadership, ownership, and innovation. It will finance youth-led and youth-serving organizations and entrepreneurs through seed grants, matching grants, and the creation of a Youth SACCO for low-interest loans. It is the first fund in the country that specifically targets grants and loans to spur youth advocacy and job creation, and is co-owned, led, and directed by young leaders

Ethiopian youth hold the keys to the country’s socioeconomic and political transformation!

Read how Kefeta is already impacting youth!

To learn more about Kefeta, or for ways to give,
email us at [email protected].