Field Updates

Meet Chris

Chris lives in Kenya and has been a nurse since 2010. He currently works at a health facility in Archer’s Post, a settlement four hours away from the capital of Nairobi.

We trained Chris to give quality care to the remote communities that often walk long distances just to visit the health facility where he works.


Bringing family planning services to rural communities

Ruth is a young mother living in Samburu, Kenya. Thanks to Amref Health Africa, she learned about family planning which has allowed her to expand her business and improve her family’s situation.

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Meet Ruth: An Amref “Flying Doctor”

Deep in the Kenyan countryside, it can be hard to get even basic health services. But thanks to doctors like Ruth, Amref Health Africa is able to provide even specialized health services to the most remote communities and train local health workers.

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Community vaccinators taking the lead on immunizing children

Community vaccinators like James have the crucial job of providing immunization services to young children and expecting mothers in the most remote and hard-to-reach communities.

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