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Photo of Beyonce working at the Industrial Park.

Kefeta: Bringing Healthcare to Young Women

Beyonce, 21, is one of many young women working at a garment factory in an industrial park. As she contemplates her career growth, Beyonce is especially interested in family planning. Unfortunately, industrial park employees have limited access to healthcare, and what they get does not include contraception. In addition, work hour expectations make it hard for Beyonce and her coworkers to take time off to visit clinics that provide more comprehensive care.

Kefeta established a youth-friendly healthcare outpost in the industrial park to address this growing healthcare gap. Among the services provided is sexual reproductive health counseling, an essential and vital need for this demographic.

“This is essential because this is what we need to fix our tomorrow. We are equipped to do what we need to do to ensure that we plan our future. Because of what we are provided at the clinic, I use the services without feeling embarrassed,” states Beyonce.

For Beyonce, having agency over her health and control over when to start a family is critical. “After getting counseling and weighing my options, I chose the three-month injection for my family planning.”

Now, the only person controlling her future is her.