Field Updates

Photo of Dinknesh at her University graduation.

Kefeta: Internships as a Bridge for Employment

Dinknesh is a 25-year-old woman with physical impairment, but that has not stopped her from having big dreams and obtaining her degree in sociology in 2022. While looking for employment opportunities, she heard about the Kefeta internship program and applied.

She was a Kefeta intern for four months receiving training on cover letter and resume writing skills while learning about working cultures, time management, communication, and report writing skills. “Kefeta equipped me with the necessary skills, knowledge, and [methods] of communication that laid down the foundation of my future employment.”

Despite the legal frameworks in place, millions of people with disabilities in Ethiopia have limited access to the workforce. Kefeta strives to create inclusive employment opportunities and workplaces by offering internships to youth with disabilities.

Dinknesh says, “With the skills and exposure I gained from the internship program, I am more confident in my abilities. [I will] work to change the attitude [people have] towards people with disabilities.”

Now, securing a job as a Community Mobilization Officer, Dinknesh credits Kefeta for making this next step in her adulthood possible. “Kefeta has become a reason for me to gain self-esteem, a sense of belongingness to my community, and made me believe I can make a productive contribution.”

Given the opportunity, Ethiopian youth like Dinknesh can lead the country to a peaceful and prosperous future!