Amref's COVID-19 Response

Amref is the leading Africa-based healthcare NGO on the frontlines of Africa’s COVID-19 response.

Through the support and collaboration of our many partners, Amref is implementing a comprehensive suite of interventions to strengthen every facet of vaccination efforts in 31 countries.

  • We have 60+ years of experience combatting infectious diseases.

  • We utilize innovative tools to adapt to evolving circumstances

  • We provide critical services that other NGOs cannot.

  • We are committed to continuing essential services throughout our COVID-19 response, including enhancing social protection for women and girls.

What we’ve done so far:

(estimated numbers as of January 2022)

fully vaccinated
healthcare workers trained
given hygiene products
received one dose
healthworkers given PPE
participated in education sessions
Amref Health workers reading paperwork with a community resident.

How We’re Stopping COVID-19 in Africa

Our COVID-19 Vaccine Roll Out

With the development and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, Amref Health Africa is committed to ensuring that no one is left behind in accessing the COVID-19 vaccine in Africa. Thanks to our partners, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Nommontu Foundation, Tracelink, American Tower Foundation, and Internet Society Foundation, our overall response focuses on:

An Amref Healthworker with PPE speaking into a walkie talkie communicator.
An Amref Healthworker storing multiple oxygen tanks

Opportunities for Collaboration

  • Expanding Covid Vaccination Centers (CVC)
    Together with the Africa CDC, we are helping governments across the continent identify the best places and the right types of CVCs for each community. We aim to outfit CVCs with essential equipment and train their personnel to administer COVID-19 vaccines effectively. Our goal is to expand CVCs to underserved or unserved high-needs areas.

  • Outreach Campaigns for Teachers & Students
    We aim to lead targeted vaccination outreach campaigns to bring COVID-19 vaccines to secondary schools with low immunization rates, reaching thousands of teachers and students within a short period.

  • Strengthening Cold Chain Capacity
    We aim to build out critical cold chain capacity (the infrastructure needed to transport and store vaccines) and make sure that COVID-19 vaccines can be safely sent to and administered at vaccination sites around Africa.

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