Welcome to Our New Site!

Welcome to our new site

(Photo: Amref Health Africa/Zacharias Abubeker)

March 10, 2020 — Welcome to Amref Health Africa’s brand-new website! We invite you to explore each section and get to know Amref Health Africa in a new way.

We re-designed the website to make it easier for our donors to see how the work they are supporting is making a difference on the continent. We wanted to showcase the work we are doing on the ground and give voices to the real people we reach every day.

The new website was also designed for people new to Amref to learn about what’s important to us, how that translates to helping communities achieve better health, and how they can support Amref.

We updated the site to make it easier for donors to find information about projects they want to support and to share this information more easily with others through social media or email. We hope you find it easier to find basic information about the organization as well, such as our financial records or who to reach with questions about donations.

We hope you enjoy interacting with our new website. Share your new favorite page with someone you love today.