Face-to-Face Giving

By donating each month, you can impact the health of communities throughout Africa

Have you seen our logo out on the streets lately?
With help from Givebridge, a face-to-face, door-to-door fundraising specialist, Amref USA is currently recruiting monthly donors in Houston and Atlanta. This partnership is a cost-effective method that helps us raise funds and awareness of our efforts to transform Africa’s health.

Our monthly givers are called Pamoja donors, Swahili for ‘Together.’ Joining Pamoja is easy, affordable, and efficient. Since our administration costs are extremely low, monthly gifts can be put to maximum use in helping where the need is greatest. Monthly gifts help us plan for the future and ensure our programs throughout sub-Saharan Africa are effective. They also reduce the costs of fundraising, which means more money goes directly to supporting our programs.

Amref on site doing face-to-face fundraising
Start bidding now on artwork from 40 African, Pan-African, and Black Artists here: http://artsy.net/Amref-artball Proceeds from the auction will support our COVID-19 response across Africa, including training health care workers and providing PPE!

If you live in Houston or Atlanta, you might see one of the Givebridge face-to-face canvassers in an Amref red lanyard, an ID, and a tablet where they will share more about our work and how you can become a monthly Pamoja donor. Using the tablet, you will be signed up and donations will be taken and processed directly to our secured website. All information is confidential and will not be shared.

If you have any questions, want to share your experience, or make a change to your donation, please contact Jenny Peck at 212-768-2440 ext. 111.

Our Pamoja Community is making a huge impact on the health- and happiness – of communities throughout Africa. Be a part of the solution today.

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