Donor Advised Funds

What is a Donor Advised Fund?

A donor advised fund (DAF) works like a charitable investment account that allows you to directly support charitable organizations you care about. DAFs allows individuals, families, and businesses to make tax-deductible donations of cash, give gifts of publicly-traded stock, and, in some cases, certain illiquid assets, to a public charity that sponsors a DAF program. DAFs provide an operationally convenient and tax-efficient method for donors to manage their charitable giving.

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You can help us train more health workers like Margaret


When you start a DAF, together we can train more Community Health Workers like Margaret in Kenya. Margaret has been key to slowing down the spread of COVID-19 in her community.

As a trusted member of the community, my relationship with the community is very strong and they listen to what I tell them. My role is to reassure them and give them the right information.”