HERstory: Meet Dorothy, a Community Health Worker

Who is Dorothy?

Dorothy uses her bike to visit patients living in remote communities (Photo: Gregg Telussa/Amref Health Africa).

Dorothy is a Community Health Worker (CHW). We’ve made training CHWs the cornerstone of our work because they are often the only link to health care for people in rural communities and can provide simple, but life-saving interventions.

“I started working as a community health worker 24 years ago to share my knowledge to help other people learn about hygiene, family planning, domestic violence, and HIV. I keep a close eye on pregnant women, children under five years old, and lactating mothers.

I feel like a mother to my community. I feel responsible for their health and their gratitude confirms the tremendous work I’m doing. I’ve seen babies grow up to healthy strong adults. I have witnessed new generations growing up in better health.”

Community Health Workers Are Local

Dorothy visits people in her community and provides them with advice on how to stay healthy including proper handwashing and guidance for new mothers. (Photo: Gregg Telussa/Amref Health Africa).

During COVID-19, we’ve trained CHWs primarily through LEAP, our mobile phone app that CHWs can use to improve their skills. By using their mobile phone to train, CHWs can learn regardless of where they are, without taking time away from their families and patients. It also eliminates the need to train CHWs in a classroom setting, further preventing the spread of COVID-19.

“I’m very happy that I receive additional training on my mobile phone from Amref and I can keep on learning. Every day I realize that I have the most beautiful job in the world. As a community health worker I can really make a difference. This puts a smile on my face.

The secret behind all this is that I understand my people. I am one of them and I listen to them when they share their worries. They trust me and they see us all work hard to help our community and safe many lives!

I am Dorothy a proud community health worker.”

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